Best VCT Tile Dubai in Abu Dhabi

Get Best Vct Tile in Dubai,Abu Dhabi across UAE at best price

VCT tiles are durable and pocket friendly option for your home or offices

Whenever we have to install tiles in our home or office we have to decide between the ceramic tiles and vinyl composition tiles (VCT). We want to provide you all types of differences in features of the VCT tiles and ceramic tiles as well as we will tell you about the features of the vinyl tiles which make it better than the ceramic tiles. In matter of look and color you will find variety in color of VCT tiles and ceramic tiles, but you can find vinyl tiles which are manufactured with the look and texture of ceramic tiles.  You can’t identify between ceramic tiles and vinyl tiles by just looking on them. The durability of both types of tiles is independent of conditions. Ceramic tiles are durable in all conditions and all types of room, from kitchen to basement or anywhere in your house.

VCT tiles are one of the best choices for the industrial flooring

There are some limits of the ceramic tiles, they are not good choice for the commercial flooring and industrial flooring as there can be some heavy machines, they will break the ceramic tiles by the shock produce by those machines. Some times heavy metals fall on the floors and lead to the breakage of the floors  if they are of ceramic tiles whereas, vinyl tiles are great choice for your home and offices. Nowadays they come with anti slip property which leads to the safer environment for your family or colleagues. You can install these vinyl tiles in the industry or any commercial places without thinking twice as they are durable and flexible so they absorb the shock and do not break easily due to the shock or falling of any metal.

Installation of the VCT tile is quite easy and time saving

Whenever a ceramic tile broke they do need heavy equipment and machinery works to fix them and fixing process can be very tedious and time consuming. Even if a single tile is break, the labor and machine work will increase time of process of installation whereas the VCT tiles are very strong and durable and installation process is less time consuming and low budget process. Ceramic tile are more expensive than the vinyl tiles. Vinyl tiles more pocket friendly and they also provide you so many benefits that you should not ignore them.

Reusable property of VCT Tile makes them less hazardous to the environment

 People mostly think that the vinyl tiles are harmful to the environment but we offer vinyl tiles which can recycle and reuse without harming the nature. Whereas ceramic tiles can not recycle and ones they get damage or uprooted they were dumped in landfills which do harm the soil fertility. In matter of trends and fashion vinyl tiles win the race without any question because they are cheap and easy to install whereas ceramic tiles can not be change with time.

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