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Vinyl tiles are very durable and affordable

Popularity of vinyl tiles is increasing day by day. They are comparing with the ceramic tiles in criteria of durability and price. You should know that the vinyl tiles are very durable and pocket friendly. They come in many categories like kitchen vinyl tiles, bathroom vinyl tiles, hospital vinyl tiles, and most importantly commercial vinyl tiles. They are the first choice of commercial places like industries and offices due to their shock absorption property, they can tolerate the shock due to falling of heavy things. In matter of installation process vinyl tiles win the race because they are very flexible and come with finished and they do not need heavy labor work in installation. Whereas ceramic tiles are hard and they cannot bear the shock of heavy things and they break down due to the falling of any heavy metals or things. The installation process of ceramic tiles are very time taking and tedious, they require heavy machinery work and experienced workers even for single ceramic tile installation. While installing ceramic tiles a lot of air pollutants generate, and even a little damage can lead to the wastage of that tile

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The color choices for vinyl flooring are much higher than the ceramic flooring. You can get wide range of color choice which can suite to your interior but in case of ceramic tiles it become hard to find right choice of color for your interiors. As we all know that the trend of decorating our house change with time, every 5 to 10 years later the trend change dramatically and we have to change our flooring with time but ceramic flooring are very durable and hard to change and if we try to change it then we have to invest big sum of money in uprooting it and then reinstalling will cost even higher. Whereas vinyl tiles are easy to change in very minimum invest and they do not take much time to uproot and install.

In matter of environmental effect vinyl tiles are better than ceramic tiles as they can be recycle and reuse

While removing ceramic tiles they are hammered and break down ad this lead to the wastage of the ceramic tiles and they are not recyclable. If you remove ceramic tiles by every mortar of the tile then it can be reuse but it is not going to worth anyone time. Every time when you change the ceramic tiles they are dump into the landfill without any expectation. After that it negatively affects the area where it is dumped, these wastage lead to the serious health problems. Whereas, luxury vinyl tiles are recyclable and made up of recycle materials. They are made up of parterre and salt, they are less damageable to the environment.

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