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Premium Wooden Skirting Suppliers in UAE

Wooden skirting is solely invented to cover the gap between the flooring and the wall. They provide many more benefits with their primary work. Although they are easy to maintain and care they are great option to enhance the beauty of the rooms. We provide best quality of the wooden floor skirting at best price. Some of the benefits of the wooden skirting provide by us are:

  • They are great option for the enhancement of the beauty of the rooms. They provide very good border line to the foot of the walls as these skirting is install on the foot of the wall they give a look like a strip border on the wall.
  • They are great tool to protect the flooring by preventing water and dust to enter inside the floor by the narrow gap between the flooring and the walls. In fact these wooden skirting were invented for this purpose.
  • They are very good for the protection of the walls from the scratches due to the furniture as furniture create scratches on the wall if they put with the wall because there is no space between the wall and the furniture but these wooden skirting is wonderful option to protect the wall by the furniture because they create a block and prevent the furniture from fully sticking to the wall.
  • They prevent the paint of the wall from the wet mopping clothes, as the mopping clothes touch the wall while mopping and create filthy spots on the wall but these wooden skirting prevent the mop from touching the wall.

We provide the wooden skirting in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Satwa, Sharjah, Hatta and all over the UAE. Our services includes luxury vinyl floorings, luxury vinyl tiles, vinyl carpet tiles, parquet floorings, laminate floorings, wooden floorings, installation and fixing of the floorings and much more. We are prominent supplier of the wooden skirting due to our policy of best product at fewer budgets. If you have ever went to the market and ask for the price of the skirting then you will find that the products are overpriced on the name of brands and companies but we are here to provide you best products at good price which will surely satisfy your requirement and provide you overall good experience.

You can contact us for the demo and we will send you our executive with samples to provide you demo at you site without pressuring you to buy the stuff. We provide rapid delivery in all over Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We are present in all cities of the UAE thus we supply our product in record time, you just need to put a call and experience our services without any issue.

For more information you may contact us on 056-600-9626 we will be happy to help you. For further enquiry and quotation you can mail us at info@pvcflooring.ae we provide all type of helps and services according to your need.